SpaceFish Project
  • Team

    Successfully building a project such as SpaceFish requires knowledge in different areas. The SpaceFish team consists of people of different disciplines and several advisors and supervisors.

    We are part of the <>Department of Computer Architecture and Automatics of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. In particular, we are supported by a group with expertise in control systems and robotics.

    The project is driven by:

    • Héctor García de Marina — PhD Student and Team Leader
    • Santiago Cifuentes — Last year PhD Student
    • Fernando J. Pereda — Computer Science student
    • Kamil Glebowicz — Aeronautics Engineering student

    However, the group consists of the following people. These give general direction and vast support when needed:

    • Prof. D. José María Girón-Sierra — UCM
    • Nuno Filipe — ESA-ESTEC
    • Guillermo Ortega — ESA-ESTEC
    • Koni Schafroth — SmartFish

    We also count with support from SmartFish designer Koni Schafroth, ESA people related to RexusBexus and lots of researchers and professors in our department.